Our Mission, Vision, Values


Community Builders Network of Hope exists to bridge gaps for people facing challenges in downtown Oshawa.

Our purpose is to directly help those who have made the decision to be free of substance use or integrate themselves back into society. 

CBNH helps clients gain access to the programs and services they need by removing financial barriers or assist with the entry into programs that will help stabilize their recovery and transition plan.


CBNH is an organization that gives hope and support to vulnerable people in the downtown area of Oshawa.

CBNH exists to help and meet the human needs of those who are displaced, homeless and struggle with substance use, by providing access to services they require through support from our referral program.

In order to contribute to a healthy, safe and vibrant downtown, Community Builders Network of Hope will be the conduit that will influence positive change by engaging community partners, advocates and volunteers.


Our passion for helping people regain their place in society and lead a life that will allow them to recover and live a life with dignity – compassion, empathy and spiritual freedom.

Our network focusses on leading by example and attracting our clients by those who have been through the same struggle as those we are trying to help.  This is an example of integrity and leadership to give back what was given as a form of gratitude.

We are committed to our community, helping create a space that culturally and physically safe to those who live in our community or visiting. 

People who live in the margins among us deserve the same assess to help regardless of financial or social status.