• Population growth rate for downtown Oshawa = – 3.2% (Durham Region 8.6%)

  • Teen Pregnancy rate per 1,000 = 1 (Durham Region 25.5)

The charts below provide further stark evidence of underlying issues in downtown Oshawa in the areas of health indicators, mental health, education and housing

Figure 1: Summary of Key Indicators- 2015 (Source Durham Health)

Mental Health is an area of grave concern in Oshawa relative to other cities in the Durham Region with a particular impact on homelessness. In the report “At Home in Durham, Durham Housing Plan 2014-2024”, 27.6% of households in Durham in 2011, identified mental health and substance abuse as contributing factors in homelessness. The chart below highlights the prevalence of mental health issues in Oshawa versus the remaining cities in the Region.